Project: I Had A King, 2019

Director: Clemente Lohr

Form: Short Film

Camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

Lenses: Xeen Cine Primes

I Had A King, 2019

Starring Ariana Brophy & Eduardo Arcelus 

Director: Clemente Lohr

Writer: Eduardo Arcelus

Cinematographer, editor & colourist: Toby Elwes

First Assistant Director: Ana Mari Muether

Composer: Clemente Lohr

Sound designer: Henry Sims

Production and costume designer: Teodora Kosanovic

First assistant camera: Tom Francome

Songwriter: Ariana Brophy

Sound recordist: Connor Curlewis

Runner: Jake Elwes

Many thanks to: Hans and Yvonne Dumoulin

Murray Buesst, Andy Lambert and Karen Martinez


Filmed on Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

with Xeen Cinema Primes

Behind the scenes photos: