Project: Mudlark, 2021

Director: Clemente Lohr

Form: Short Film

Camera: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

Lenses: Zeiss Super Speeds

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"Haunted and lost, a young runaway searches the mudlands for a mysterious healing light. Is this liminal world trying to warn her, perhaps that true salvation comes from within? Ignoring the call, Jack heads further into the darkness."

Mudlark, 2020

Starring Emily Dyble & Helen Grady 

directed by CLEMENTE LOHR


cinematographer, editor TOBY ELWES


first assistant director OLA FORMAN

first assistant camera TOM FRANCOME

production and costume designer TEODORA KOSANOVIĆ



sound designer HENRY SIMS​​

sound recordist MATIAS TORRES

production assistant JAKE ELWES


Filmed on Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro

with Zeiss Super Speeds


Our films often start with something other than a script. Our previous film, "I Had A King", was inspired by a dream and a song, whilst "Reoccurring" was based on a brief encounter.  


Mudlark started with the beautiful landscape of the Essex marshes. Toby (cinematographer & producer) grew up spending a lot of time there and after a few visits together we began scouting it as a film location.


After coming up with a concept born out of the landscape, probably from watching too much Tarkovsky and Lynch, we then handed over to writer Thomas Arensen who developed it into script form. 


What I want with this film is to transport the audience into the world of jack, who finds herself stuck in this liminal world. I wanted to explore the emotional and mental state of a desperate runaway searching for salvation.

- Clemente Lohr, Director

Piano Factory Films is proud to present our new short film "Mudlark", a story about an introspective search for forgiveness. It is the latest film by the award-winning duo Clemente Lohr and Toby Elwes who managed to created this project despite the restrictions of Covid-19. This beautifully shot film pulls you into into its universe, exploring themes of desire, nature and mental fatigue. 

Jack washes up on the mudflats and is taken in by a mysterious woman.  Legend has it that in these mudlands a strange light lurks in the dark marshes, a light so bright that any man, woman or child who manage to get close enough will be absolved of all their sins.


Jack, more than anyone, needs that light.  As she slowly gets closer to her goal, her dark past begins to haunt her and she starts to go mad. It seems like this liminal world wants to tell her something, perhaps that true salvation comes from within, but jack ignores the calls and heads further into the darkness.