Past Work:


April: I shot the mini documentary: Luke Elwes - In the studio

February: I shot the music video for Maddie Ashman's new single 'Don't Come Back', dir. by Clemente Lohr


November: I edited together the three versions of our short film Reoccurring, filmed by crews

in  London, Mexico City and Rome

November: I shot and edited the short film I Had A King (dir. Clemente Lohr)

September: I shot three live music videos for Brown Sugar

August: I co-shot the music video for Courage by Abi Flynn with Tom Francome

June: I shot and edited the short film Last Line (dir. Rory Edmonds)

May: I directed and shot the music video for Ariana Brophy's 'A Bit of Fresh Air'

April: I shot the short film Boxes (dir. Alexis Osbourne)

March: I shot a fine art video, Cusp, for Jake Elwes

January: I shot the music video for Red Picasso's new single Vintage, dir. by Clemente Lohr


December: I filmed and co-directed our short film Reoccurring

December: I completed a three part extended video piece for Madison Willing's EP Grow

November: I filmed a live music video for Wandering Wires' new single Moving On

November: I started filming a series of interview and performance videos for The Piano Factory Sessions

October: I started filming a series of short promotional documentaries for Host Nation

August: I filmed a music video for Nina Fine's cover of Toxic

April: I shot and edited a theatrical trailer for Leeds Workshop Theatre’s production of ‘One Giant Leap’


September: I filmed a live session at the Piano Factory London featuring PangolinWandering Wires and Ariana Brophy.

August: I filmed Eva Foote's single A Month Or Two in rural Alberta, Canada.

June: I filmed Ariana Brophy's live performance of her single The View on a beach on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

June: I filmed Ariana Brophy performing Facing West by The Staves in rural Alberta, Canada. 

March: I film a series of live music videos commissioned by Sofar Sounds Montreal.

February: Her is nominated for Screentest: The National Student Film Festival 2017 and is selected by Shooting People for their film of the month final selection.

February: Her is screened at the National Film Theatre, London as part of the 10th BFI Future Film Festival.

January: I filmed and edited the official video for Serena Clara's new single What To Do.


December: Her wins 'Best Experimental' Film at Euroshorts 2016 and is nominated for the 10th BFI Future Film Festival 2017.

November: Her is nominated for awards by Euroshorts 2016Cinemagic Belfast Film and Television Festival 2016Filmconvert Color Up Competition 2016

and Bogotá Music Video Festival 2016.

September: I start a year long English Literature program at McGill University, Montreal.

August: I wrote / directed / shot / edited the music video for Sal Para's new single 'her'

May: I shot and edited a theatrical trailer for Leeds Theatre Group’s production of ‘1984’

May: I shot and edited a theatrical trailer for Frontline Theatre’s production of ‘After The End’.


April: I shot and edited a theatrical trailer for Leeds Open Theatre’s production of ‘Jerusalem’ in one day.


April: I shot and edited 9 live recordings during an ensemble concert curated at The Piano Factory London.


February: I shot and edited two theatrical trailers for Leeds Theatre Group’s production of ‘A Clockwork Orange’




March: I shot and edited a trypich of music videos for Nina Fine: AutumntimeFaking love and I Don't Wanna Hear.



December: I shot and edited another offical promotional video for clothes company Alcatraz Beach Club preceeding their store opening. 

September: Harsh Blue wins the 'Best Under 18 Award' and is nominated for 'Best Performance (Phoebe Elliott)' at The Thurrock International Film Festival


September: I start a BA in English Literature at Leeds University.


May: I made the art film Cerebral, a hand drawn animation superimposed with MRI scans and live action footage. The animation was created in 12 hours. 


April: Harsh Blue was nominated in Independent Directions and screened at the Leeds Hyde Park Picture House.

March: I shot and edited a tv show style film, The Great Camden Bake Off, in a one day turn around, shown to a charity audience the following day.


March: Harsh Blue was nominated in Screentest Festival - The National Student Film Festival and screened at the London Student Southbank Centre.


February: Harsh Blue was screened in the final three in the BFI's Future Film Festival at London's Southbank NFT.


February: I turned 18...




August: I wrote, directed, shot and edited Harsh Blue.

April: I shot and edited the offical promotional video for clothes company Alcatraz Beach Club

March: In less than 40 days 'Jakwob - Fade' video broke 1 million views on YouTube and was shown on TV.

January: Re-teaming with Billy Boyd Cape, I was the cinematographer of offical music video for Jakwob's single 'Fade'. Taking a step into a studio and finding the heartbreak of an innocent girl. Released in February by VEVO.




September: Additional cinematography for the music video for Jakwob's new single 'Blinding'.

August: I shot alongside Dylan Collard. I turn his portraits into 30 second videos.


August: I worked as cinematographer on NW5: Ed's Day Off. Shot in just two days we make an 18 min journey through Kentish Town.


April: I shot my first music video. Commissioned by Mr Hudson and Rosie Oddie to make a video for BIGkids. For their new single 'Superhero'. Young Hudson and young Rosie cause havoc across London.


April: I made the art film Space Oddity, a hand drawn animation with ink, pens and highlighters. Comprised of 82 drawings, the animation was created in 10 hours. 


April: I made the art film Faces Zoetrope, exploring similarities within genes, I made a zoetrope animation using photos I took of my own family. Created in 10 hours.

February: Doctor Kaufalio was nominated in the BFI's Future Film Festival and screened at London's Southbank NFT.



July: Directed, adapted, shot and produced Where Go The Boats. A personal project. 


July: Photographed Hop farm festival for a Dazed digital article.


July: I worked as cinematographer, producer, SFX and script editor on Doctor Kaufalio. An ambitious and experimental short film personal project. Public in October.


May: I sourced, edited and produced Aftermath, a commission for showing at ‘Combat the Quake’, a charity fundraiser to aid the relief for Japan after the March 2011 tsunamis and earthquakes. 

April: Comissioned by Salt Co., I made with Billy Boyd Cape a 26 min interview with director Matthew Parkhill for his DVD The Caller.


March: Carnaby film’s ‘A lonely place to die’ film premiere. Photographed alongside two BBC photographers.


January: I worked on 'To Help The Time Pass', dir. by Billy Boyd Cape, in my first role as a cinematographer. 



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